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NON ALCOHOLIC FATTY LIVER are the accumulations of fats in the liver cells, sustaining some liver injuries as shown with the elevation of the liver enzymes during blood examinations, imaging studies can detect fat in the liver like ultrasound, CT-Scan or MRI and liver biopsy, especially if the fats accumulate more than 10% of the total liver weight in non alcoholic persons.

The fatty liver is common among persons with metabolic syndrome like obesity, type 2 diabetes and elevated cholesterol and triglycerides levels. Usually fatty liver will not manifest any symptoms at early stage until it developed into more severe liver complications such as liver cirrhosis and have 3% chance to develop liver cancer, the symptoms may varies from following

(among far advance fatty liver disease)

According to the recent study fatty liver is already an independent risk factor for cardiovascular event such as ischemic heart diseases. There is no specific treatment for the fatty liver, but you can improve the liver condition by managing your diet, weight loss by regular exercise, limit high carbohydrates foods, cut down on drinks with lots of sugar and avoiding eating too much oily and fatty foods.

Taking with the hepatotropic 

medicines or liver supple

-ments like L-Carnitine Orotate, Silymarin, Vitamin E, and 

Ursodeoxycholic acid might help improve your liver condition.

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