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What is Nattokinase?

Nattokinase is a potent fibrinolytic (anti-clotting) enzyme complex extracted and highly purified from a traditional Japanese food called Natto. Natto is a fermented cheese-like food that has been used in Japanese culture for more than 1,000 years for its popular taste, and as a folk remedy for heart and vascular diseases. Research has shown that […]


1. Mani – Ang mani ay may taglay na vitamin E at good fats. Ayon sa pagsusuri, kapag mataas ang lebel ng vitamin E sa iyong katawan, mas matalas din ang iyong pag-iisip.   2. Matatabang isda (oily fish) – Ang mga oily fish ay ang tuna, tilapia, salmon, sardinas, tamban at taba ng bangus. May taglay […]


Spirulina is one of the oldest life forms on Earth. In fact, this blue-green microalgae is partly responsible for producing the oxygen in the planet’s atmosphere that billions of years ago allowed the planet’s originating life forms to develop. Spirulina is the world’s first superfood, and one of the most nutrient-rich foods on Earth. What […]

A Healthier You Through Proper Nutrition

BY: Hershey M. Angeles, RND NDAP Member Achieving a healthy body starts from a healthy lifestyle and part of this lifestyle is eating habits. A healthy diet is necessary for proper body functions, growth and development, immunity and, energy production and many others. But how do we ensure we are eating a “healthy” diet? Is […]